Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last weekends Montreal Race

I think it is good news to have a 3rd of the field being part time drivers.  I think the sport has gotten to big for itself with the everyday man would never get a chance to race.  Nascar was formed by people who came out to the track with their everyday car and raced it on Sunday and Monday it was hauling the kids to school again.  Now the cars aren't something the neighborhood mechanic can work on and cost around 70 to 80 thousand a car that is super complicated.  So low budget teams will run 2 or 3 laps and park there cars which makes a race boring.
I miss the days when they brought the super bee that was bought down the street at the local dealership.  These where the good old days.  Richard Petty was the king and Nascar races where exciting.  I remember going down to Riverside and watching the race and seeing Richard win and the next day my dad bought the same car at the local dealership.  I remember that car well and getting it in high school and all the drags I won against my friends and all the country girls it got me.
Well back on to my rant.  Now its these huge teams with a few drivers and people that may have the talent but can't get picked up by these conglomerates.  The only every day guy that is racing now is Martin Truex who Dale Earnhardt found while playing a racing game.  I know there are local tracks that are drying up around here.  I don't know but I like to see Nascar go backwards and go back to standard cars or something closer to a standard car that anyone can buy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Its sad that it wasn't his fault but sort of is because he should have watched what he ate.  I bet the friend feels like shit now.